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I self-rescued from a serial killer/child rapist on August 10, 2000, at the age of 8. The child sex offender has claimed to be responsible for the lives of just under 10 girls in California, one of which was abducted and murdered only 8 months before me from my hometown of Vallejo California.

I am a proud mompreneur & Founder of The Midsi Sanchez Foundation who is passionate about being the voice for missing and abused children.  After years of suffering from PTSD, depression, addictions and almost taking my own life, I have finally recognized the remarkable resilience and confidence within myself through Jesus Christ.

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Each time I share my testimony the weeds of my past lose power over me as I turn my "self-focus" into "others-focus" by providing them with a chance at hope & a voice to come forward about the abuse that many tend to sweep under the rug or choose to never tell. We must use our mess and turn it into a message that could strengthen and save the lives of other survivors just like us.


Our stories may not mirror one another exactly however, challenges face all of us and my dream is that you will utilize my story as an overcomer for motivation to stay alive and choose to live your best life because you are so worthy and deserving of it!

I have been given many opportunities to use my voice through different outlets such as; The Oprah Winfrey Show, Montel hosted by Montel Williams, People Magazine, E News! with Laura Ling, ID Ch. "I Survived", LMN (Life Time Movie Network) They Took Our Child We Got Her Back, ABC 20/20 & the most recent which has been my most proud accomplishment was being named Woman of the Year 2019 by California State Assembly Member Timothey Grayson!

Throughout the years I have found that putting myself in service by sharing my ordeal with families of missing and exploited children themselves has been a healing process not only for myself but for other survivors as well which lets them know that they are not alone as these experiences so often make us believe that we are.



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Midsi is available for speaking engagements to tell her incredible and inspiring testimony. 


For information on contracting Midsi to speak at your next event, please email:

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